Ahppetite | (Field Trip) Graduation Flashbacks
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(Field Trip) Graduation Flashbacks

(Field Trip) Graduation Flashbacks

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We’ve come to that time of year when social media feeds start to light up with Harry Potter-esque graduation caps and “thanks mom and dad” Instagram tributes. Graduation season is among us.

It’s been a year since I’ve walked across the stage and I can’t help but feel a bit nostalgic for those first couple of months out. It’s this strange period in which people that’ve been students most of their lives are thrown into a world where no one cares if you show up for class or if you don’t turn in that project — where you don’t track time by the semester or quarter.

Graduation is like standing at the edge of your comfort zone and you’ve got to make a move. For some that move is a blind leap, but for others (like yours truly) it’s more of a slow trudge.

In the Game Together

I kept hearing you find out what you’re made of during those months following graduation, so the pressure was on. I got a whole host of advice about what not to say in a cold email, what internet habits to avoid and ___( link these). But none of those resources really prepared me for the mental challenges that lay ahead. Thankfully I had a community of people that prided ourselves in the collective struggle. We were in it together. We made it through. If you can make it through that first year, you can make it through anything (I hope).

I reached out to a few of my favorite humans and first-year-post-grad survivors.

If you could do one thing differently this past year what would be and why?







It’s your life. You decide how to live it. You get the chance to create yourself every single day. What will you make of it?


Me and my mom at my graduation last year

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